Millions of dollars are spent each year on off-the-shelf sales methodologies. After surveying the vendor landscape, a recent client quickly realized that their new go-to-market model would require much more than colored worksheets from 1980.


We started by refining the client’s new sales process and profiling the most common customer deal scenarios. We identified the specific process gaps that needed to be addressed, spanning from prospecting to account management. And we were able to characterize specific buying scenarios in order to align aspects of the methodology to each of their unique deal types. For example, we addressed cross-selling non-core products by building an approach for those customers that had historically only bought their flagship product.


The methodology not only helped them understand the selling landscape and client issues within these types of accounts, but it also presented them with actions and insights to sell the other product lines. Ramp-up and adoption rates were significantly higher than off-the-shelf methodologies because the approach and content was custom built for their products and buying scenarios.


Unique deal scenarios profiled and highly contextualized sales process and tools deployed.

Client: Global Business Services Firm
Timing: 6 months
Results: Common frame for viewing deals developed; powerful new sales process and tools for executing deal strategy raised closed rates by 25% and increased average deal size by more than 15%